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Is your website mobile ready?

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Mobile internet users are estimated to increase by 17.1% from 97.3 million in 2011 to 113.9 million in 2012, says Hubspot blog. Also, there are now more mobile phones in the UK than people, with one in 10 people possessing up to four headsets. Whilst mobile contracts are being renewed a new phone is often the natural consequence of an upgrade. So what then? The technology on mobile devices is rapidly improving; people are now able to do much more on their phones than they would have 10 years ago. Gone are the days of simply writing texts and making phone calls. Our phones have become much more to us; they organise, wake us up, help us shop, read emails and give us a good bit of entertainment for all those dull moments in the day. The need to be connected to the world on our phones is increasing with twitter applications and Facebook people are constantly plugged into the web on their mobile devices whilst on the move. So, If you have not invested time into making your website mobile enabled you could be missing a big trick. econsultancy released some statistics which showed 25% of online consumers said they would try a competitor’s website if the mobile website was not working, whilst 64% said they would give a mobile website 3 chances to work before moving on. This means if your website does not allow potential consumers to access your content on their phones you risk not only missing out on sales but also driving your customer away to a competitors mobile friendly website. Part of our service offerings includes helping business create websites that are not only mobile ready but mobile friendly. Accessing websites on a smart phone can be tedious if it is not adapted for small screen mobile devices. So here are 5 point that we believe are essential to a good mobile enabled website: 1. Speed – Design your page to load fast. Having compressed images will also help you achieve this. 2. Good Design – Your site should be compatible with all mobile devices, you may need to redesign key pages to do this. 3. Hand navigation – Any size hand should be able to interact with the content on the screen. 4. Visibility – The simpler the layout the easier it will be to read. Popular sites like Facebook, YouTube and twitter all have one column layouts for their websites. 5. Conversion – Make it clear where customers can make purchases or contact you, so you can convert browsers into sales. To discuss mobile your site's readiness for mobile, give us a call.
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